Workshop: Tools of the Trade: Skill-Building and Applications for Negotiations Techniques

The Uncommon Dialogue. A new job. Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. A vendor contract. What do these all have in common? Negotiation.

In this session, take part in a 60-minute interactive negotiations training to learn the basics and/or sharpen your existing skills. After a 10-minute break, a diverse panel of negotiations experts will discuss ways they have effectively (or not effectively) used different techniques to achieve a shared goal.

Whether it is negotiating a better salary, concessions in a contract, or advocating with your legislators, come away from this session with tangible skills you can start applying to your daily life immediately.

This session is open to all registered Waterpower Week attendees and is brought to you by the NHA Hydro Academy and by NHA Future Leaders of Waterpower (FLOW). Go here to learn more about FLOW.

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